About Me

I have been home brewing for about 2 years and have completed just 11 batches in that time, as I write this. I am by no means a veteran, award winning brewer, but I am a brewer nonetheless, and one who lives with the constraints that all brewers who love their hobby live with: the constraints of Time and Resources.

I am a stay at home dad to our 5 month old son, a graduate student, an unpaid intern for a local municipality and I love brewing. Unfortunately, my time for brewing is limited and my resources available for buying anything brewing related is extremely limited as well. So how do I brew anything at all? I have learned a few a few tricks on my own, picked up a few tricks that I have not yet experimented with, and hope to develop a few more things down the road.

Ultimately I’ve started this blog to share with you the few things I’ve learned, all the experiences I have in trying to brew inexpensively, and all the difficulties and successes I run across along the way. If I’m lucky, someone will have benefited from this besides me 🙂


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